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The little GREAT exhibition - A creative celebration of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert's anniversaries


A free interactive exhibition for all ages to enjoy


Family Festival Art workshop at Windsor Castle

Queen Victoria's Circus - Windsor Castle 

QUEEN VICTORIA'S CIRCUS  was a wonderful Family Festival arranged by the Royal Collection Trust at Windsor Castle to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth! In 1847 , George Wombwell set up his circus complete with elephants, tigers, rhinos, lion tamer, Ms Ellen Chapman, monkeys, snakes, and many other fascinating creatures in the very same Quadrangle at Windsor Castle upon Queen Victoria's request and caused a stir of excitement in the whole town. This event was organised to bring an essence of the memorable event celebrating  Queen Victoria's anniversary and to remind us of the bygone Victorian Era. Several amazing performers, specialists, puppeteers, professionals put on some very informative and intriguing shows. Busy Buttons specially designed an Art workshop busting with creativity to celebrate this special occasion. It was well received and people enjoyed and appreciated the beautiful keepsake. It was a great opportunity offered to our youth 'Ambassadors  of Art' to gain for this amazing experience.


Art for Charity - Lions of Windsor

Busy Buttons CORE is a not-for-profit, charitable Windsor based organisation established to promote mental wellbeing in young people and foster positive community relations. Students from Busy Buttons were absolutely delighted to be able to witness and learn from a fantastic visit to the Coldstream Guards. 
Louella Fernandez-Lempiänen, the artist from the Busy Buttons has designed and painted the lion cub, Nulli Secundus for the Lions of Windsor Trail. We thought it only befitting that the handsome lion cub should visit the ColdStream Guards at their home in Victoria Barracks, Windsor. Since this auction we are pleased to announce this cub has been sold for £1100 much to our delight with all the money raising funds for four charities, namely Thames Hospice, Look Good Feel Better, Tusk and Lions Club of Windsor.


Creative Workshop Busy Buttons at Eton Colleges' Natural History Museum

Christmas Production 2019 WATCH them in action

Around 100 children aged 5 -13 years were involved in the various creative learning processes to create ‘The Last Puppet – Christmas Special’ highlighting on recycling, climate change promoting 'conscious creativity' while learning various forms of art like making period costumes and props including turning a Waitrose shopping trolley into a ship and creating puppets, in addition to 20 students acting, dancing, singing and doing puppetry. These children are not from acting school but didn't lack the spirit and enthusiasm. It was a fantastic opportunity for our young people to perform and express themselves in front of such a large audience. Victoria Turton-Blyth a wonderful voiceover artist and actress, brought a richness to the whole story with her narration. It also features a special dance piece by Grace from Susan Handy's school of dance. Our wonderful parents and volunteers helped bring this show together and supported the children on this journey, making it a wonderful opportunity encouraging community spirit and festive cheer welcoming the Christmas festivities in Windsor town. This theatre performance was offered free as part of some of the free creative learning opportunities that Busy Buttons CORE offers young people as a not-for-profit, charitable organisation working creatively raising awareness and value in the community.

Davinder Toor's collection of Sikh Art - 4 Jan





Youth Programmes

We offer unique experiences with hands on learning opportunities for work experience, job placements, volunteering for young people on several schemes like the Duke of Edinburgh Award, work placements, apprenticeships, Youth / Art Ambassador Programme. Email us if you would like to participate.

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is a not for profit charitable organisation based at Busy Buttons Design Centre in Windsor Yards. We are a centre of art, promoting  the arts in various forms through a creative experiential learning approach nurturing confidence, growth, wellbeing, positivity for young people and the community as a whole. 

We offer creative wellbeing camps, individually tailored creative course programmes, and community workshops for children as well as adults. All you need to have is the zest to learn, gain life skills and have fun while doing so.  Private tuitions i.e. 1-to-1 sessions, portfolio development for scholarship award applications and university applications are supported by appointment.

Please contact us for specially designed, customised educational projects and creative events for all ages and denominations to promote the arts and encourage engagement. 

We also offer fun, interesting all-inclusive creative parties.

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