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Design & Animation class for 8-15 year olds

This club is an exciting new opportunity to learn a wide range of creative skills, techniques and processes involved in film making, animation and editing. Click for DETAILS 



This course will introduce various techniques and mediums while encouraging the child to express themselves through art, illustration and 3D work. Click for DETAILS 




Sewing & Textiles classes for 16year olds -Adults

Learn pattern-making, dress-making draping and sewing from the basics onwards or then bring along a sewing project that you would like help seeing through. You can also request customised designing and making. Click for DETAILS 


Sewing & Textiles classes for 7-15 year olds 

These classes will teach children a broad range of sewing basics including using a sewing machine. Each term there will be a series of sewing projectsClick for DETAILS 



Art Based Spanish Course for 3-6 year olds

This Course introduces your child to Spanish employing art and a kinesthetic approach. Click for DETAILS